History and Heritage of the Kudan

History and Heritage of the Kudan

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This book provides a close and fascinating narrative about the history and architectural provenance of the Kudan (the home located by the Kudanshita station and the foot of the Kudanzaka slope). The Kudan, completed in 1935, is one of the few remaining old homes in the middle of the bustling city of Tokyo.

The Kudan was purchased by the Philippine Government from the Yasuda family in the spring of 1944 for the sum of one million yen. It served as both Chancery and Residence at the close of World War II, and was the first Philippine Embassy and Residence established outside the Philippines. It has also been declared a National Historical Landmark property by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. This heritage home is the first one to be designated as such outside of the country.

Author: Ambeth R. Ocampo
Specifications: 8.25 x 11.75 inches
144 pages, 158 images
full color

Hard cover
ISBN 978-971-057931-0

Soft cover
ISBN 978-971-057932-7

Photographer: Wig Tysmans